Wednesday, April 19, 2006


News #1

Well, I gave up trying to pirate a copy of Half-Life 2 and generate my own unique CD-Key. I finally went out and spent $40 on a game. First off, the graphics are pretty cool, the new shader model 3.0 has made quite a difference in the was PC gaming looks. I bought a new video card also, its an ATI x1300 ($150) , it has 512 megs of DDR ram and a 500 Mhz processor, tons of pixel pipelines (some of which i had to unlock because they were disabled from the factory.) The game still runs a little laggy! I dont get it! Is it because I've got the x1300 running at 4x instead of 8x? Oh well.

News #2

I've been working on 2 new websites, one is for the [MdK] clan, and the other is for the Alpharetta/Cumming Motorcycle Stunt Association. Both are starting to take shape quite nicely, so when I'm finished i'll post links here.

News #3

I've decided to put all of my recorded music on a different drive to keep from losing it again (yes. that happened again.) I've been incredibly busy making some music. I'm definately going to have some Jimi Hendrix covers on this CD, along with some of my own origionals. Stay tuned for more info.


I got poisoned the other day, my dad grilled some chicken and apparently there was something wrong with it, because it gave me "food poisoning" and this is the first day i've felt like moving. All in all, i dont think i'll be eating any more. Ever.

News #5

I no longer have any stance on any political issues whatsoever. Abortion? NO COMMENT! Iraq? NO COMMENT! Will I vote for our next President? Hell no.

I have to go now. I've got a date.


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