Thursday, February 23, 2006

Most Impressive!

I was just sitting here thinking of what guitarists/guitar solos I'm the most impressed with. One would think I would say something like "Steve Vai" or "Joe Satriani" or even "Yngwie Malmsteen"... but no. Tthey always do the same thing. No, the guitarist i'm the most impressed with isn't on any "top 100 guitarists" or "best guitarist" lists I've ever seen. Not many people would know who he was unless they heard him make his guitar talk. Yes folks, I'm talking about Peter Frampton.

Not only does he ALWAYS play the right notes, but for his talking guitar trick he has to have a plastic tube in his mouth and direct/shape the sound with his mouth! It's also truly amazing that he still gets a good tone after pushing a distorted guitar signal through a horn driver, up 6 feet of plastic surgical tubing, into his mouth, and back out into a microphone and into a vocal amp. But somehow he pulls it off and it sounds absolutely amazing!
The skill required to do what he does is more than any of these new flashy tapping solo artists (no offense Steve.)

I didn't sleep last night, so i'm trying to stay awake all day so i don't get my days and nights mixed up. This is something i will write about later.

Until Then,
Bryan Tuck


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