Wednesday, April 19, 2006


News #1

Well, I gave up trying to pirate a copy of Half-Life 2 and generate my own unique CD-Key. I finally went out and spent $40 on a game. First off, the graphics are pretty cool, the new shader model 3.0 has made quite a difference in the was PC gaming looks. I bought a new video card also, its an ATI x1300 ($150) , it has 512 megs of DDR ram and a 500 Mhz processor, tons of pixel pipelines (some of which i had to unlock because they were disabled from the factory.) The game still runs a little laggy! I dont get it! Is it because I've got the x1300 running at 4x instead of 8x? Oh well.

News #2

I've been working on 2 new websites, one is for the [MdK] clan, and the other is for the Alpharetta/Cumming Motorcycle Stunt Association. Both are starting to take shape quite nicely, so when I'm finished i'll post links here.

News #3

I've decided to put all of my recorded music on a different drive to keep from losing it again (yes. that happened again.) I've been incredibly busy making some music. I'm definately going to have some Jimi Hendrix covers on this CD, along with some of my own origionals. Stay tuned for more info.


I got poisoned the other day, my dad grilled some chicken and apparently there was something wrong with it, because it gave me "food poisoning" and this is the first day i've felt like moving. All in all, i dont think i'll be eating any more. Ever.

News #5

I no longer have any stance on any political issues whatsoever. Abortion? NO COMMENT! Iraq? NO COMMENT! Will I vote for our next President? Hell no.

I have to go now. I've got a date.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Most Impressive!

I was just sitting here thinking of what guitarists/guitar solos I'm the most impressed with. One would think I would say something like "Steve Vai" or "Joe Satriani" or even "Yngwie Malmsteen"... but no. Tthey always do the same thing. No, the guitarist i'm the most impressed with isn't on any "top 100 guitarists" or "best guitarist" lists I've ever seen. Not many people would know who he was unless they heard him make his guitar talk. Yes folks, I'm talking about Peter Frampton.

Not only does he ALWAYS play the right notes, but for his talking guitar trick he has to have a plastic tube in his mouth and direct/shape the sound with his mouth! It's also truly amazing that he still gets a good tone after pushing a distorted guitar signal through a horn driver, up 6 feet of plastic surgical tubing, into his mouth, and back out into a microphone and into a vocal amp. But somehow he pulls it off and it sounds absolutely amazing!
The skill required to do what he does is more than any of these new flashy tapping solo artists (no offense Steve.)

I didn't sleep last night, so i'm trying to stay awake all day so i don't get my days and nights mixed up. This is something i will write about later.

Until Then,
Bryan Tuck

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's all gone.

Let me tell you a little about the way I live my life.

I live at home with my parents.
I'll be 17 years old in 2 months.
I usually go to bed around 3am.
I usually wake up around 10am.
I play guitar.
I built my computer, its got a 2Ghz AMD XPplus processor and a maxtor 200Gb 7200rpm harddrive on RAID. I dual boot Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista Beta.

My computer powers my entire recording studio.

Ok, so I got ready to lay down an overdub track for my new song yesterday, so I walked in and hit the power button on my computer, walked into the other room to get my effects processor, and came back expecting to see the same screen i always see (fake mac gui over the windows vista "bliss" wallpaper.)

I was extremely dissapointed/freaked out when i still saw my trusty PC sitting there saying, "YoYo" below the successful DMI check.
I immediately got on another computer and googled for an answer but it was to no avail, apparently i'm the only person who has had this problem.
I ran through the basics... restart the pc, clear the cmos, run chkdsk, scandisk, and so on.
Still no windows xp or vista.
I had no choice but to reinstall both operating systems.
Every bit of the music i recorded for the last year is FUCKING GONE.
I am EXTREMELY angry.

End Transmission.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I rock

I feel good!
I'm probably going to invite some people over to help out with my new CD.
I've got the integra (still can't drive it alone though).
I found my paydirt cds.
I'm taking my GED in a month.
Something good will happen monday.

Howard Dean is running in 'o8!? Awesome!

Clay Johnson

Ever since my good friend/uncle put his blog back up he's had to face the hard truth... He's not the only Clay Johnson online anymore!

As if that's not bad enough, his spot on
google's search for "Clay Johnson" was taken by some dude who works in the whitehouse!

I want to change that. Everyone please put a link on your blog to with the name "Clay Johnson". It would be greatly appreciated.